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General and Professional Education
1/2016 pp. 42-45

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Quality Function Deployment method enables rational design of service not only from technical perspective but also due to market and clients’ demands – students but indirectly also employees. House of quality serves as a medium of transfer of client’s expectations, market’s demands on relevant number of ordered technical factors, which enables the design of new or/and improved service. For the purposes of this research a matrix Quality Function Deployment (QFD) prepared by Bartosz Soliński has been used. It allows to transform – requirements of clients/students of nursing to easily measurable parameters of service process – process of tutoring, providing their desired values. Due to benefits of introducing QFD, the method can be used on different stages of quality management process, so you should exploited in the process of improve the quality of practical training of future nurses.


quality, education, nursing, practical, training


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